Water Feature Update:

We had shut the water feature down as it appeared to have a leak. We took a lot of time and tested for leaks section by section. When we finished we found no leaks in the raceway, falls or the 8” pipe that runs from the pump up to lot #3. What we did find was that the red rock boulders had deteriorated and fallen down into several areas of the falls and raceway. This was causing a lot of splashing and loss of water. Our solution was to remove all of the lose red rock boulders. This has now been completed. Although we are currently running the water feature, we are not finished. On March 9th the water will once again be turned off. We will use a form cement process in the raceway and water feature instead of replacing rock. It will be very attractive and have more permanency. This cement work should be completed on March 14th, and at that time the entire raceway will be glued, sealed, and coated with a special coating. We will need another 5 days to cure the coating and new cement. I expect the falls to be down from March 8th to March 20th. Once all of this has been accomplished, we will enjoy our waterfalls uninterrupted except for minor repairs for many years to come.

Online Scheduling for Tennis Courts – Cancelled

Please be advised that the online tennis court scheduling has not been functioning properly. Please note that Homeowners will no longer reserve the tennis court online. If you would like to book the tennis courts, there will be a scheduling book kept in the Exercise Room at the Clubhouse where Community Members can book the tennis courts by entering a reservation by hand.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation regarding this matter.

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